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3 reviews for Ayahuasca Tea

  1. Lena Figueiredo

    Will’s unique story is well told and captivating. The subject matter is very compelling. An inspiring read for anyone looking for change

  2. Johnny Lucas

    it was so good buying from you order received

  3. Roberta Smith

    Let’s start off by stating that I’m a 30-year-old pain in the ass French woman, leading operations for a 8-billion-dollar company, control-freak who never took any drug in her life. You got it, I’m the rational, never satisfied type. That being said, I had heard several times that Ayahuasca was a life-changing experience that you could summarize by “10 years of therapy in 10 days”. Really? Solving my daddy’s issues in a week? You bet I had to check this out. And guess what, I’ll spoil the end of this review, saying that these 10 days with Silvia and Tio can change your life is a huge euphemism, it’s been (from far) the most incredible thing I’ve experienced in my whole life. And I’ll tell you why.

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