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6 reviews for Ayahusaca

  1. Goldie J. Patao

    I attended a 3 day retreat and overall had a beautiful experience. Everything from the location to the center and the people was magical -out of this world! I would say I felt incredibly safe at all times. Nothing can really prepare your for it, if it is your first time. Just follow the rules and instructions they give you, in-advance and go with the flow

  2. Karen J Hodges

    A deeply valuable experience.
    I attended a five-day retreat at Etnikas in the summer and it was worth both the journey and the wait (wait due to covid restrictions). They have a great new premises which is secluded and peaceful. The management of the entire operation seamlessly transcends the different levels of formality and care as and when required; whilst being a generally self sufficient person, there were of course moments of fragility throughout the experience and the team were on hand every step of the way to make sure support was given. I appreciated this and I can say the experience was certainly better for it.
    I can confidently recommend Etnikas as a place to carry out ayahuasca assisted introspective journey.

  3. Luis B. Jones

    Quantity > quality
    Giving only 2 stars in the hope of an improvement of the center for more positive experiences for future participants.

    Taking the price in consideration it’s not worth of what you get.
    There is not enough time and there are too many participants.

    The plan of the days is not like the itinary they give you.

    You have the chance to speak privalty with the psychologist just the first day and very quickly with basic questions, because you arrive very late at the center (why not start from Cuzco earlier than 11?)

    I hoped to be able to speak privalty with the shamans about my visions I got from the ceremony, to recieve an opinion/explanation.

    The last day you are leaving at 13:00 and you have to do, as always, everything (group meeting and pachamama ceremony) in a hurry. You arrive in Cuzco very hungry couse they don’t give you lunch. (Why not leaving later??)

    The day after the first ceremony you are possibly devasteded and need to recharge energies but you are supposed to make voluntary in Cuzco which is 1 hour away from the center, so 2 hours of car to make one hour of volunteering.
    Of course you can decide to skip this and rest at the center which I fortunately did. Still you don’t have enough time to elaborate your experience couse the 2. day there is already the 2. Ceremony coming up. I think that two days in a row is too much and maybe therefore almost everyone had a bad, sad experience on the second night.

    The stuff was all very nice and with positive energy.
    Unfortunately the nurses didn’t know English, which generally is not a problem but during the ceremony they come up to you and ask how you are doing (you are having visions and have physical discomfort maybe) and when I answered them they didn’t understand what I was saying which was really frustrating because in this moments you need support.

  4. Kyle T Sears

    pschedelic lovers Ayahuasca Retreats exceeded my expectations in every way.

    The place location is breathtaking, the level of care is superb, and the Spiritual holiness is in the air.

    Thank you pschedelic lovers, I am forever grateful ️
    Till we meet again


  5. Eileen Lemon

    The Best psychedelic retreat ever! Safe environment, super healthy food, friendly staff, professional guidance, comfortable lodging….so much more!!

  6. Ronda Rimmer@

    I found this place completely by accident, and I could not be more pleased by this hidden gem in the jungle. The food, though adhering to the strict ayahuasca dietary guidelines, is absolutely delicious and so healing. The ceremonies themselves are in a safe, well-curated environment. Finally, the aya healing process is integrated with workshops and activities which allow the participant to go even deeper than with aya alone. The jungle setting is calming and inspiring. A perfect place to reflect, go deep and evolve.

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