Golden Teacher


Origin Psilocybe Cubensis family
Starting Dose Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs
Onset Time 45-60 mins
Duration 4-8 hrs
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Effects Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher is of roughly average potency, as P. cubensis strains go[i], and trips are often shorter than average, only two to four hours[ii]—an advantage for beginners who don’t know yet whether they’ll like the trip. Users report a very calm, relaxing experience with only mild visuals but a strong body component.

Dosage guide

The typical dose for most magic mushrooms is between 1 and 2.5 grams of dried shrooms, you can find the perfect magic mushroom dosage using EROWID’s dosage calculator. Golden Teachers are some of the most sought after psilocybin mushrooms. But do these shrooms actually exist?

Golden Teachers: Choosing Which Kind of Spores to Grow 

The first challenge around choosing which spores to grow is understanding the difference between terms like species, strain, and cultivar. These terms, along with others like variety and isolate, often get thrown around interchangeably by some vendors and those with less experience, but actually have pretty precise definitions.


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