Psychotria viridis (chacruna) leaves

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Buy psychotria viridis leaves,do young psychotria viridis have claw like appendages on leaves,psychotria viridis leaves for sale ,buy psychotria viridis leaves near me, order dried psychotria viridis leaves near me at a good price chacruna leaves for sale near me buy psychotria viridis plant order 50 grams psychotria viridis leaves near me.We offer you dried Psychotria viridis leaves from a Kichwa family in Ecuador. We met this family some years ago and we are honored and grateful that we are allowed to sell their sacred plants,The Psychotria viridis (chacruna) leaves are shade dried. The direct relationship we maintain with the family ensures we always have fresh stock. When you purchase this plant from us, you also support this family and help them maintain the land they care for.

Native Use Of Psychotria viridis leaves

Psychotria viridis is commonly added as a synergist to the traditional Ayahuasca brews among medicine healers of South and Central America.This is a very special plant that is prized as a healer and Master Plant Teacher by the people of the Amazon,its primary chemical component is the entheogenic indole alkaloid di-methyltryptamine, of which Psychotria viridis has particularly high concentrations, which depends upon harvesting factors. Other plants that are interesting in this regard are Chalipanga, Mimosa hostilis and Acacia confusa.


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3 reviews for Psychotria viridis (chacruna) leaves

  1. Emily Farris

    Very powerful and long lasting effect. Working in a diffrent (but also pleasant) way than normal kratom. Can be useful…

  2. Angie Robertson

    Rated 5 out of 5This vine is potent! Thanks psychedelic lovers

  3. Krystal Robinson

    The Psychotria Viridis leaves you sent are EXTREMELY good, based on the price there is no better!

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